“ Grapes are only one part of great wine ”

Paolo and Loriano


The game, the family and the scents of good

A land that tastes good, of fresh wind blowing from the sea, of vines, olive trees, small farms. As soon as you arrive at the Pampano on the Bibbona hill there is greenery around. And at the bottom a blue stripe: the sea. Poi incontri i fratelli Paolo e Loriano, leggi l’etichetta dedicata al loro babbo Osvaldo. You go into the house, with the fireplace and the playing cards there on the sideboard. Then that feeling that caught you on arrival takes shape.

It is no longer just the memory of child’s play on the beach. It is no longer even the memory of the street game, bell-shaped, with short trousers and skirts and a few skinned knees. A game that is in the name and in the label of the wine: Pampano is the ancient diction of the “bell”. Here is the emotion of that past time, the genuine scent. In wine, in oil. Welcome to the Pampano.




Osvaldo and the farm in a corner between land and sea

First of all, there is the purchase of the land in this corner between land and sea, Osvaldo Fedeli in 1969 bought the land where today there is the Pampano. Here the brothers Paolo and Loriano grow up. They go to the sea, play, help in the countryside while “father” Osvaldo cultivates cereals, fodder and then olive trees and some remnants of old vines scattered from one field to another, two rows at a time: they called them “the duplicates”. Mamma Marisa, always present, dedicates herself to the green of the vineyards.

Osvaldo here also has the cattle with the stable instead of that is now a modern cellar. Gradually, the family began to expand vineyards and olive groves from fodder and cereals. Three red grape varieties: the very Tuscan Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo and Giacomino. And then three white grape varieties: the equally very Tuscan Trebbiano, Malvasia and Colombana. For about 40 years, Pampano has been selling table wine. Since 2011, the turning point and the birth of three different bottles thanks to the work of Paolo, Loriano and his wife Luana.



The products of Pampano between Father Osvaldo and the game of the bell

Make a note of this year: 2011. It is the date of birth of the Osvaldo Bianco, Rosso and Il Pampano wines with the big “O” and the bell game on the label. Paolo deals with viticulture in Bolgheri and Loriano follows Il Pampano full time. The attempt: to try to refine the wine in Barriques. A magical experience. And the following year, the triumph. With the bottles sold like hot cakes. Hence the belief that something positive could happen. And so, it is. Il Pampano, in the Doc Bibbona area with 2 hectares of vineyards and 1.7 hectares of olive groves, bottles 5,000 bottles of wine, with the aim of reaching 10,000. Here wine is nature. And according to the vintages, the varietal percentages can change.